In November a couple of years ago, I spoke at Rhema Bible Training Center India to the students. During the course of classes I showed them the results of the September ‘10 campaign in Pakistan. Abel brought me the proposal of a project: Bharatpur, Nepal area campaign, the ‘Challenge’. Target 25,000 people with the Gospel, The Good News, Preach, Teach, and Heal, Jesus’ mission to planet Earth.

Signs, wonders, miracles and the consequent reaction and response, Salvations. Our goal: thousands, even tens of thousands coming to Jesus. As the idea developed we determined to believe and go big. Target 100,000 over 3 days with the potential of the mostly Hindu population seeing the revealed Jesus and falling deeply in love with Him.

We put together the budget, a lofty goal of targeting partners to aid one of the poorest nations in the region, if not the earth. It being a downturn in economic markets worldwide. Yeah, we were not ignorant of that fact. We set the budget which was 25-30 years salary for the average person. Further calculations expanded the budget as the major outlet for needed equipment was 14 hours away in the city of Kathmandu. Uttermost part of the world, no major campaign ever held here. Bringing light to a darkened area. Literally the deepest valley in Asia, Dang Valley. The epitome of the Gospel.

The Disappointment. We were able to gather funds but not quite as much and not in the rapidity sought. Little bump we figured. Turned out we weren’t able to transport as many sick as we desired to the campaign grounds.

Who knew what was about to happen? The first night of the event we preached a simple message ‘God is able.’ To Save, to Heal, to Touch. Many responded first to the salvation call, then to come for prayer. And miracles started happening. Miracles after miracles after miracles after miracles. Three nights straight. So many we could barely keep up with documenting them.

“What if we would have had more people come, more could have heard,” I thought. More could have received salvation. More could have received healing. More. I’ve been talking to the Lord about this very thing for twenty plus years. Greater works.

This was like shooting fish in a barrel, to use an American colloquialism. I was disappointed knowing that much more was possible but not available to me at this time, or so I thought…

The Completion. The second night of the event amidst so many salvations, miracles and testimonies a man came up to testify. I had remembered laying hands on him as he pulled himself on a tall stick he leaned on. His legs barely worked. Others joining together prayed more intensely for him. This was no one-man show. As he waited to testify his smile was broad, white teeth flashing. The elders could hardly contain him. He was stretching and flexing and kicking his legs high in the air. When they finally released him he strutted across the stage. Not arrogantly, but gratefully amazed at his limbs operating properly. Once again the elders and ushers could barely restrain. During his testimony and demonstration I heard screams from the left behind me. Turning, I noticed several of the young adult choirgirls weeping, tears streaming down their face. They couldn’t deny that Jesus was performing miracles right before their eyes…

As I was flying out of Nepal, Abel Jacobs phoned me. The youth were so stirred that they have taken it upon themselves to organize (with leaders support and approval) to go door-to-door evangelizing coupled with three smaller campaigns of 1000-3000 where the films of the events will be played. They will follow this with altar calls and prayer for the sick. Miracles and salvations are being reported regularly. We have also leased an acre of property with two small buildings and a large hall with the goal of training and establishing leaders to complete the task of harvesting Dang Valley and eventually Nepal.

The final official estimates are somewhere between 15,000-25,000 attending with 5,000-7,000 responding to the altar calls. We were also on 4 FM radio stations 20 times a day and live on Resurrection Sunday. Many more had the potential to hear and receive. Our subsequent reports include testimonies of individuals being healed ‘as they went’ home from the campaign.