What is "Saved"?

Saved. Salvation. Born again. In today’s politically correct clime these can be potentially... Read More

Getting to Know Us

Cliff Graham has been looking at the fields white for harvest for over 20 years now: fields on the exotic Mediterranean... Read More

Why Youth?

Once again the question arose of the reoccurring challenges of our incessant focus on the youth... Read More

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Blueprint for a Dreamer


A revised edition of “Blueprint for a Dreamer”, by Cliff Graham is now available.

Do you have goals, aims and aspirations? Do you imagine yourself doing something a little bigger or a lot bigger than what you can handle? Do you…

These Digital Days

I am constantly reminded in these digital days of the progression towards autonomy in our relationships. Blogs, Skype meetings, twitter and the entire Internet and Cloud offer cannot supersede the need for personal interaction between humans. Seriously.

Remember when God was leading the Israelites to the promised…