Thanking you is easy to say.  Being sure you understand how thankful we are can be the hard part.  You see, you’re a big deal.  Let me explain.  One of our daughters recently came home singing the entire song “Jesus, you’re my superhero” after she had heard it only once at church.  She sang it non-stop, doing the hand motions and teaching all of us in the family.  The point.  It only takes one act of kindness to leave an impression on someone’s life.  Maybe we should send you a cape! Of course, we aren’t saying you are THE superhero, but acts of kindness make us look a lot like Jesus.

We’re able to go around the world and preach the Good News because of partnership, better yet, monthly partnership. 

Here’s what your monthly partnership would help us to continue focusing on:  youth, ages 14-25 AND their leaders.  We’re continuing soul-winning campaigns, conferences, youth camps and on occasions, constructing and/or designing youth facilities.   All of this with students and their leaders in mind.

Together we can see souls saved and fruit that remains.  Please consider joining us for the next 12 months…