Lala’s Gift

LaLa’s Gift, in memory of our daughter, Lauren Nicole Skye Graham, is a DBA of Unison Harvest International and therefore is an established 501-C3. Unison Harvest International is an outreach to ages 14-25 that has been in operation for over 9 years.

LaLa’s Gift has been established to help children around the world, ages 0-13, by getting resources to existing works. These include individuals, ministries and organizations that are reaching out a helping hand to children. Children around the world have been orphaned because of war, natural disasters or neglect. They have been prostituted and abused and slighted opportunities for an education. They have also been denied the opportunity to be loved by family. We, together, will be the caring hands doing something today that will matter tomorrow.
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I Corinthians 13:13b …but the greatest of these is love.