Blueprint for a Dreamer


A revised edition of “Blueprint for a Dreamer”, by Cliff Graham is now available.

Do you have goals, aims and aspirations? Do you imagine yourself doing something a little bigger or a lot bigger than what you can handle? Do you need a way to put your dreams into a plan of action?

In Blueprint for a Dreamer, evangelist, youth itinerate minister and artist/designer Cliff Graham helps you pinpoint your passions and re-kindle your dream to fulfill your purpose in life. Graham guides you through God’s word and his personal testimonies on how to walk out the dream that was placed in your heart by God.

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These Digital Days

I am constantly reminded in these digital days of the progression towards autonomy in our relationships. Blogs, Skype meetings, twitter and the entire Internet and Cloud offer cannot supersede the need for personal interaction between humans. Seriously.

Remember when God was leading the Israelites to the promised land, Moses said in Exodus 33:15, “ If Your Presence does not go with us, do not take us up from here.”
In the NLT it is translated, “If You don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place.” Not just Moses himself, but he includes the Israelites when he declares ‘Us’! Even Moses craved the personal touch with His Creator, not him alone but those he was leading.

John states in both 2 John 1:12 and 3 John 1:13 that he, “…has many things to write to you, but I didn’t want to write with paper and ink. One epistle he continues, “For I hope to visit you soon and talk with you face to face. Then our joy will be complete.”
God’s Word translation states ‘Then we will completely filled with joy!’ I put in the exclamation point. Then what? When I visit and talk over things with you personally. Something happens when we get together.

When I moved to the South of France for six months in 1991, the culture really imbedded into me quality time over lunch, or ‘dejeuner’. A full two-hour lunch was part of the daily routine. Children regularly came home for lunch. Coupled with the understanding that eating 3-5 meals with your family, youth are 75% less likely to engage in premarital sex, alcohol and drug abuse. Personal time within this digital family age can help curb destructive habits. Did I say solve all your problems? No, but John expressed, ‘ we will be completely filled with joy.’ Sounds like personal time can help embark us on the journey.

Lastly, what if God had not sent His only begotten Son, literally Emmanuel “God with us”, rather sending us an envoy, just a diplomatic agent of the second rank? Matthew 1:23 clearly presents it to us. God wanted to redeem us so badly that He sent His Son to die for us personally. Our sin separated us from real personal contact with Him and we couldn’t take Him in all His Glory so He fixed it by supernaturally overruling His own natural laws, “Look! The virgin will conceive and bear a son and they will call Him Emmanuel,” which means “God with us.” I know I’ve repeated this, but it is to make a point…He wanted personal time with His creation, His family. Even in the rapidly increasing digital age. Enough said.

Steps of a good man…

When I attended Bible School, I had a pretty regular morning discipline of reading the Word, prayer and worship alone in my closet. Literally. I had observed ministers, teachers, individuals and others set an example that I attempted to incorporate into my life or even lifestyle.

One such practice was specifically choosing passages of scripture and declaring or quoting it to myself. Proclaiming it if you will, over the day. One scripture that I had been introduced to was Psalm 37:23(a), “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord…” Now I will readily admit that at times I had become rote in my declarations, but nonetheless I put to ‘practice’ the Word. My concept of practice being similar to Mr. Webster’s definition of, ‘ repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency.’ I truly wanted to become proficient in His Word, His proverbial and literal Eternal Love Letter to us! My understanding was the more I knew His Word the more I could become acquainted with Him.

This one particular morning I was parroting my routine, due to the early morning or who knows. But, the Holy Spirit prompted me to not just parrot the scripture that I had believed I had a level of knowledge of, rather dig deeper. In His soft prompting He urged me to look up the rest of the scripture. Not a deep, “NOAH, I WANT YOU TO BUILD AN ARK!”

I received a simple strong inquisitive nudging to finish the rest of the verse. As I retrieved my Bible from beside me I searched through the Psalms. Even today I remember my response. I suppose I was quoting the Word, basically asking the Lord to order my steps, but the next part of the verse stated in KJV, “and he delights in his way.” Wow! I said to the Lord, “ he delights in his way!?” Does that mean I delight in the fact that you are leading my way, or you are delighting in the fact that my way is led, or I am delighting that my way is led by You? Couldn’t a ‘yes’ be correct to any of these questions?

Now to clarify the point, the King James Version had not capitalized the first ‘he.’

But truly, how many of us believe that our steps are really ordered of the Lord?

In Barne’s Notes on the Bible he projects, ‘And he delighteth in his way – In his course of life; and, therefore, he blesses him. The general idea is that he is the object of the divine favor, and is under the care of God.’

What if we consciously, even deliberately focused on the point that our steps are ordered of the Lord? Many of us know and understand the biblical truth that we are the righteousness of God in Christ. “For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” (2 Corinthian 5:21)
The Righteousness of God, the condition acceptable to God. Not because of us, but because He made Him to be sin for us! Is that only when we feel like it, having done some good work, noble deed or really walked in love? No, we are the righteousness of God in Christ because of Him.

Could it be so hard to believe that our steps are ordered of the Lord? I believe three byproducts would ensue from this continual line of thought. One being just being aware that my steps are ordered of the Lord, that He has a part in everything I’m involved in. The second would be to walk circumspectly: as in watchful, discreet and well considered. And the litmus test of that well considered walk would be delighting in your way. Thirdly, as we are more aware, or conscious of our steps being ordered by the Lord we would keep a heightened look out for God opportunities along our path. People to witness to, pray for and be a blessing to strategically placed along our path.

So let’s examine our Savior’s life and see how far off I am. Jesus told them, “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, and he will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed. (John 5:19-20)


Blueprint for a Dreamer


A new book by Cliff Graham.

Do you have goals, aims and aspirations? Do you imagine yourself doing something a little bigger or a lot bigger than what you can handle? Do you need a way to put your dreams into a plan of action?

In Blueprint for a Dreamer, evangelist, youth itinerate minister and artist/designer Cliff Graham helps you pinpoint your passions and re-kindle your dream to fulfill your purpose in life. Graham guides you through God’s word and his personal testimonies on how to walk out the dream that was placed in your heart by God.

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“Bold, energetic and passionate…Cliff and Christie are ‘the real deal’! They live what they preach as they step out in faith and go wherever The Lord leads them. Teenagers’ lives are transformed as a result of their ministry and people (of all ages) come to know Jesus.” -Doug & Christine Mitchell RMAI Northeast Youth Camp Directors

“Two great ministry gifts reside in Cliff & Christie Graham. They will challenge your people to stretch themselves in ways they never dreamed possible. The Grahams exemplify fearless faith.” -Keith and Mary Hudson –

“I want to encourage you to get involved with Cliff and Christie. We’ve known them for many years and believe that two things about them are important and needed in ministry. They are pure and unique. They’ve continued to minister to many people that never get touched by others and have gone and keep going where others haven’t been willing…and with little encouragement. They minister in churches to adults and youth, do missions trips into all parts of the world and will go out of their way to see and minister to one. So, invite them to your church, help them go to the nations and pray for them. I encourage you to financially support them for a year, pray for them and read their reports. I would guess you will continue with your support for another year.” -John & Michelle Grunewald- RHEMA Europe, Asia & the Middle East

Challenge. Disappointment. Completion.

In November a couple of years ago, I spoke at Rhema Bible Training Center India to the students. During the course of classes I showed them the results of the September ‘10 campaign in Pakistan. Abel brought me the proposal of a project: Bharatpur, Nepal area campaign, the ‘Challenge’. Target 25,000 people with the Gospel, The Good News, Preach, Teach, and Heal, Jesus’ mission to planet Earth.

Signs, wonders, miracles and the consequent reaction and response, Salvations. Our goal: thousands, even tens of thousands coming to Jesus. As the idea developed we determined to believe and go big. Target 100,000 over 3 days with the potential of the mostly Hindu population seeing the revealed Jesus and falling deeply in love with Him.

We put together the budget, a lofty goal of targeting partners to aid one of the poorest nations in the region, if not the earth. It being a downturn in economic markets worldwide. Yeah, we were not ignorant of that fact. We set the budget which was 25-30 years salary for the average person. Further calculations expanded the budget as the major outlet for needed equipment was 14 hours away in the city of Kathmandu. Uttermost part of the world, no major campaign ever held here. Bringing light to a darkened area. Literally the deepest valley in Asia, Dang Valley. The epitome of the Gospel.

The Disappointment. We were able to gather funds but not quite as much and not in the rapidity sought. Little bump we figured. Turned out we weren’t able to transport as many sick as we desired to the campaign grounds.

Who knew what was about to happen? The first night of the event we preached a simple message ‘God is able.’ To Save, to Heal, to Touch. Many responded first to the salvation call, then to come for prayer. And miracles started happening. Miracles after miracles after miracles after miracles. Three nights straight. So many we could barely keep up with documenting them.

“What if we would have had more people come, more could have heard,” I thought. More could have received salvation. More could have received healing. More. I’ve been talking to the Lord about this very thing for twenty plus years. Greater works.

This was like shooting fish in a barrel, to use an American colloquialism. I was disappointed knowing that much more was possible but not available to me at this time, or so I thought…

The Completion. The second night of the event amidst so many salvations, miracles and testimonies a man came up to testify. I had remembered laying hands on him as he pulled himself on a tall stick he leaned on. His legs barely worked. Others joining together prayed more intensely for him. This was no one-man show. As he waited to testify his smile was broad, white teeth flashing. The elders could hardly contain him. He was stretching and flexing and kicking his legs high in the air. When they finally released him he strutted across the stage. Not arrogantly, but gratefully amazed at his limbs operating properly. Once again the elders and ushers could barely restrain. During his testimony and demonstration I heard screams from the left behind me. Turning, I noticed several of the young adult choirgirls weeping, tears streaming down their face. They couldn’t deny that Jesus was performing miracles right before their eyes…

As I was flying out of Nepal, Abel Jacobs phoned me. The youth were so stirred that they have taken it upon themselves to organize (with leaders support and approval) to go door-to-door evangelizing coupled with three smaller campaigns of 1000-3000 where the films of the events will be played. They will follow this with altar calls and prayer for the sick. Miracles and salvations are being reported regularly. We have also leased an acre of property with two small buildings and a large hall with the goal of training and establishing leaders to complete the task of harvesting Dang Valley and eventually Nepal.

The final official estimates are somewhere between 15,000-25,000 attending with 5,000-7,000 responding to the altar calls. We were also on 4 FM radio stations 20 times a day and live on Resurrection Sunday. Many more had the potential to hear and receive. Our subsequent reports include testimonies of individuals being healed ‘as they went’ home from the campaign.


God Said Go

And Peter answered Him and said, “Lord if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” So He said, “Come”. And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus…

A few years ago we arrived back from Europe to be at a doctor’s appointment for our upcoming baby. This was important of course, but a little irregular for our schedule. I had an entire month of an open schedule. Not exactly promising for an itinerate minister, but we had an invite to design a youth room for a church on Maui opening an extension church on Oahu. “Well, you say, great door.” Except we hadn’t yet received a couple of checks from places we had recently ministered and… it costs money to get to Hawaii. Now we knew they were on the way, but they weren’t in the bank yet. So, Where do you put your trust? Bank accounts?

We asked God what to do…GO was the answer. The first step of faith was driving toward the west coast. At the same time I needed a traveling companion to assist in services, help build and work on the project, have three weeks open and to be acquainted with Hawaii enough as not to be tourist struck. We had a logical answer: a young man, Andy, who had lived in Hawaii, had traveled with us before and was knowledgeable with our particular style of fifth gear, pedal to the metal travel, figuratively speaking of course. A quick phone call revealed he had just started his first retail job in Colorado. Where do you put your trust? Logic?

God said GO, so go I did! The day before departing Andy calls up and says his company was giving a temporary lay off of three weeks and was now available to travel. The next question was how to get him down to Phoenix to rendezvous for the trip. As it worked out he planned to meet a friend in Los Angeles moving from Hawaii to Colorado in approximately three weeks. How perfect, but hadn’t God said GO? Where do you put your trust? Circumstances or lack of circumstances?

The next challenge was we weren’t able to reach the youth pastor in Hawaii, although he had contacted us two times concerning the youth room. Where do you put your trust? Modern communications? God said GO. Settled into our hotel, we contact my message machine and the youth pastor has returned our call with an appointment scheduled. He was very excited at our arrival on O’ahu. “Oh, by the way,” the message said, “our 3rd child was born two days ago”. A reasonable answer to the lack of communication, I would say. Where do you put your trust? The Omniscient One, the All Seeing God of the universe!

The following day we meet at their building to discuss the youth project and particulars and then head over to another church, an extension of one that I attended on Maui 17 years ago, Door of Faith, Honolulu. At the conference we meet Pastor Barbara, the daughter of the pastor when I attended on Maui. We communicate where we’ve been since Maui, including Bible School, traveling and ministering. “We agree with everything Dr. Hagin teaches”, she explains. She asks us if and when we might be on Maui. This weekend we respond. ‘Come prepared to preach Sunday evening’ is the last thing she says to us.

The next morning we board our plane for Maui. Sunday evening we arrive at the Wailuku Door of Faith. Remember the words were ‘Come prepared’, not any guarantees. Where do you put your trust? Sure deals? God said Go! We walk in the door and Pastor Barbara nods toward us and says, “It looks like our guest speaker has arrived.”

We finish speaking and the Holy Spirit instructs us to pray for ‘knees’. Looking to the Lord, I am first impressed it’s the right knee and then maybe the left. A lady comes forward and we pray for her knee. Immediately she senses the power of God and begins to move it. Then a man steps up and says his is the other knee. We minister healing and he senses the power of God, but feels no physical changes.Where do you put your trust? In the ‘fact’ that it doesn’t feel any different? If you leave the doctors office after a shot administered do you feel different, or do you put your trust in the doctor’s word the medicine will cure the ailment? How much more the Power of God’s Word!

Now the unusual begins to happen. That night I have a dream that I’m in the Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center and as we pass a sushi place I notice a basketball series I had been watching had come on earlier than I supposed it would. In the dream I was determined to see the game. The next afternoon we just happen to be in the shopping center and as we walk by ‘Sushi Go!’ I notice the exact game on. It is too intriguing a circumstance and I pull away from Andy and his dad Greg to watch the end. Nobody can understand why I am so motivated. They try to get me to leave to no avail. The game winds down and we are rooting loudly for our team. At that precise moment a man approaches me from the sushi bar. He explains he was the man I prayed for last night that felt no immediate healing. “ This morning”, he explains, “ as I stepped off my mail truck to deliver mail, I stepped down on the previously problem knee and realized I was healed.” Where do you put your trust? In your own thoughts and ideas of how to minister?

We then fly back to Oahu via Kauai and begin work on the youth room after jumping through some permit requirements. Seems like the building hasn’t completed escrow and stalls our starting time, cutting our two week project to one week.Added to this new insurance issues arise, causing us to build off site. We have to haul everything five miles back and forth from the pastor’s home to the church to make sure it fits. We count God faithful by going over the things He’s already caused to come to pass. This helps us draw strength for the rigorous schedule for the next few days. Almost nearing completion Andy has a prior commitment and leaves to fly back to California. I drop him off and now in need of an assistant, as most of the work left is a two-man job. Once again we ask the question, where do you put your trust? Can God provide in the wilderness? Of course He can. I complete everything I can by myself and about 6pm one of the paid staff asks me if I need help. We finish the project and I am off to the airport. Job completed!

Where do YOU put your trust? Bank accounts? Logic? Circumstances or lack thereof? Modern technology? Yours or others plans and schedules? Sure deals? Feelings? In your own thoughts and ideas? People? Hebrews 11:6 says “without faith it is impossible to please God”. We tell God constantly we want to please Him, yet when He gives us an opportunity to use our faith how often do we shrink back? The next part of that verse states, “ he that comes to Him must believe that He is, AND that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. What can He reward us for if we cease to step out in faith? I want to challenge you to reach out and use your faith. Please God! I believe He’s constantly looking for people to reward for exercising their faith.