Who We Are

Cliff Graham has been looking at the fields white for harvest for over 20 years now: fields on the exotic Mediterranean coast of Europe, on the worldly West Coast of the United States, in hostile regions of the Middle East and in some of the most populated countries in Asia.  He sees the fields and what’s not yet there, but more importantly, with the eyes of faith, he sees all that could be there.

Cliff is a man overboard.  He is a man that finds quantity to be beneficial, but the quality of the quantity to be more important.  He is not put off by a challenging way of life, wants to reach masses and will invest much of himself to reach one.  Creativity also drives Cliff, who used to have his own art studio and taught snow and surf sports for many years.  In a world that seems smaller as the population swells, he truly lives like it is his oyster.  He envisions youth (ages 14-25) filling stadiums and opportunities to present Jesus to them for the first time.

Cliff has been able to hold on to optimism despite all of the challenges of such an ambitious goal.  Turning this dream into a reality has been a bumpy path since taking his first one- way trip to the south of France in 1991 with absolutely no partnership.  Gone are those days as the future beckons him up and onward.

Cliff went into the ministry as a graduate from RHEMA Bible Training Center.  As a newcomer without the benefit of a family background in ministry, experience or money to leverage into the travels, he began to exercise and apply his faith as he had learned in school.  Knowing the value of his training, he strives to connect with and assist other youth ministers and leaders.

Cliff doesn’t think of his calling as arduous because this is what he loves.  He declares regularly that he has the best life and he believes it.  He considers the end and declares, “souls will be saved and the fruit will remain”…from the fields that are white for harvest, of course.

Christie has been found working behind the scenes in the ministry for nearly 20 years and enjoys being in the ministry of helps.  She not only helps her husband with Unison Harvest International, but helps other existing organizations that reach, rescue and restore little ones around the world. Through LaLa’s Gift, a dba of Unison Harvest International, Christie is doing something today that will matter tomorrow.     You can find her searching out how to help others, supernaturally and naturally.  Together, Cliff and Christie make an explosive force for God!